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Five Easy Ways to Secure Your MAC Against Hackers
21.07.2017 12:39

The protection of the information is now scrutinized in all the commercial and government industries. The theft of the information has broken many organizations and businesses. The main reason for the information is lost, corrupt or stolen is because the many industries have not fully adopted it as a risk, and yet to implement the strong quality security policies and programs.

The most common risk occurs because of the unattended computers, weak password, and poor information management practices. The hackers are looking for the most vulnerable target and a hole in the business from the natural sources, like cell phones or tablets. Using the smart encryption software which can immediate this threat and accountability, it makes difficult for the competitors or rookie hackers to enter your device. The software is not enough to protect MACs from being hacked. The MAC users who have the authority and the resources to save it from the possible penetration.

In this article, we provide you the list of 5 easy ways to secure your MAC against the hackers. These steps will help you to prevent your MAC from being hacked.

Here is the List of 5 Easy ways to Secure your MAC against the Hacker:

1. Disable Automatic User Login

By default, the MAC is set up the automatic log into your user account. It is a potential problem when you are connected to the public Wi-Fi or traveling. You will change this on your OS X,  to do this:

Click on the Apple button.

Click on system preferences.

Choose the user and groups tab.


Click on the lock button below to enter your administrator password.

Click on the login option tab

Select “off” from the pop-up window after you click “Automatic Login.”

Choose “Name and Password” from the pop-up window after click on the “Display login window.”


2. Disable Remote Login

Apple has the option to allow some other devices for remote access to your MAC. It is a good option if you want to travel and want to access on your device. To disable this option go to:

Click on the Apple button.

Select the System Preferences to access this option.

Choose the Sharing option.

Remove the check from Remote Login.


3. Turn off Java and Auto download in Safari browser

The attack discussed the earlier exploited and the vulnerability in the Java which Apple fixed but until it was late. It’s  advised to remove the Java, but it is necessary to turn off the Java if you are not using it. Disable the auto download in Safari Browser:

Go to the settings on your Safari Browser.

Open the safe files after downloading it on the General tab.


4. Set the Gate Keeper to prevent digitally unsigned apps

The GateKeeper is the malware check app which protects your MAC from the malware and misbehaves the downloaded apps from the internet. Set the Gate Keeper to alert when will you download any digitally unsigned app or the file is not from the Apple store. Adds the extra layer protection to your MAC.

5. Install the AntiVirus Software

Download the antivirus which is now available for free this day, which is keeping yours, which is keeping your system in the regular check. 

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