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Pack Light For Easy Travel
14.07.2017 17:57

Travelling is a great experience, especially if you are going to a location you’ve never been to before. Frequent travellers will know how important is it to bring the right items to the right place, so you don’t get caught up in an unwanted situation, where you will have to purchase unnecessary stuff, or carry extra luggage.

The most important things in the luggage are your clothes. The number of shoes, accessories and clothes that you will be bringing depends on the number of days you will be staying at your destination, and the weather/climate of that place. The best thing to do is mix and match your cloths in order to have a different look each day of your travelling experience.

Denims are important


Denims suits almost all clothing options and colours. Bring in your favourite denims to have a casual look, and if you are visiting a sea, don’t forget your denim shorts as well!

Choose Neutral Pieces


Neutral pieces are the most important part of your outfit. They’re helpful in creating new and different looks. Choosing a versatile nude colours top or pair of pants can be pretty trendy for a travel outfit. Moreover, you can easily pile up different coloured layers or accessories on a bright coloured piece of clothing.

Bring a Comfortable Scarf, Jacket and Cardigan


On days you know it is going to get cold, it is important to get your favourite scarf, jacket or cardigan. You can even choose a blazer, but always try to choose solid coloured pieces, which can go well with neutral top and bottoms. These will surely assist you on the chillier days.

The Trendy Dress


Always bring one or two trendy dresses with you for a special occasion or event. Pick one that can suit all your accessories. Some dresses can easily double up as a top, especially when the dress is weaved out of a light material. You can easily them inside your pants, and tuck in with a belt.

Check the Season and Weather


If you are travelling to a new place/country, you need to check up the weather of that specific destination beforehand to plan your luggage. If the weather is cold, you may want to bring the warmest clothes at your disposal, or if its hot, you may want to lighten up your luggage by packing only the necessary stuff.

Lesser shoes = More space


As frequent travellers may know, less footwear means much more space for other luggage. It is best to bring a pair of neutral colored flats, along with nude colored heels/shoes to make sure that your footwear does not feel awkward with your clothing items.

Travelling light is never about packing less, rather it is best to plan up your luggage beforehand to skip putting on unnecessary weight. With the right tips and the right planning, your travelling experience can vastly increase, while the burden on your shoulders decrease.

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