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Xiomi Mi Max 2 specifications and Review
28.07.2017 12:42

Max 2 mobile was released in 2017 in the month of June. Mobile has changed the experience of Android version As comes out with 7. Web 6.4 display which gives you are remarkable changes and quality experience every time we use the mobile phone. Mobile is now available for just 17000 rupees, but this mobile should be one of the best mobiles above released or launched in the history of Android devices. Mobile will give you one of the quality experience with the resolution of 1080 X 1920 pixels which runs on Android 7.1 which Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 whereas this is going to be one of the best mobile phones of all time.

The camera will keep you are excellent quality as it comes out with 12-megapixel phase detection autofocus with dual LED and dual tone flash and 5-megapixel front facing selfie shooter. If you are waiting for a selfie, then you need not wait anymore as this mobile will give you a higher chance of quality experience and make you feel to upload it on your favorite social networking sites. Mobile games you a standard storage with the variation of 64 Till 128GB and give you an internal memory of 4 GB RAM.

At the budget of 17000 rupees, this mobile offers one of the best quality experience every time you had that mobile because this comes out with sensor protection. Where you can keep your sensor shield using your fingerprint anytime, that means not only this mobile phone is giving great quality features. 

But also it is giving you excellent standard Security System. Unfortunately, this mobile does not come out with the removable battery but how about this is very fast charging as comes out with 3000MAh.

This mobile gives you a three 3G and four 4G connectivity with Bluetooth and WiFi so this is going to be one of the decent experiences with elegant look so what you are waiting for if you are looking for such a mobile phone under the budget of 15,000 to 16000 Rupees then we think so that you should buy one of this mobile phone.Till date more than 10000 users by using this mobile phone they had one of the best experiences every time they use it because it gives you a new way of exploring the mobile phone features as it has all the reasonable pictures which we can find it in Google store and even this has got a chance of changing of font options which give you are awesome time every time you turn on your camera or phone.If you have any technical problems.

The customer care and physical stores are available to visit and get your all doubts cleared and clarified. Mobile is available online and physical stores but if you are lucky enough if you get any promotional offer on the online shopping then you can get yourself one mobile phone which is Xiaomi MI Max 2.

Mobile games you're high-quality range experience every time they use the mobile phone, and it is very user-friendly mobile a phone which may take your heart and make you feel of making a positive vibration.

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