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LG K8 V Hits with an Update of Android 7.0
13.07.2017 12:52


Verizon has joined the ranks of top smartphone players with the powerful budget phone LG K8 V now rolling out with a Android V7.0 Nougat update VS50020a. Markets are abuzz with what the implications of the Big Red's push to Nougat will be. The newly created VS50020a includes the Android Security's most updated patch. This update comes complete with performance enhancements such as bug fixes for Android devices.  Separating fact from fiction, this guide serves to highlight what has changed (following the update) and what has not.

What's New?

#1 Google Downloads app joins the fray

The update replaces LG Downloads app with Google Downloads. This provides users a world of more options for filtering file size, type and name. LG budget phone K8V has also seen a change in icon size and fonts with the slider control. Additional features include optimized settings for notification and sound, storage and USB.

2 Support for Deleted Images

 Another critical feature added to the update is support for images deleted to be stored in recycle bin for a whole week following the deleting.

3 Optimal Functioning

The new update also maximizes charge through new battery management. With quicker and easier multitasking, photos are wonderful even the first time around. Device performance is optimal with an updated, modernized keyboard and enhanced language predictions.

4 Better Connectivity

Automatic Wi-Fi access can be configured while connecting to wireless router or hotspot. Android security update offers an OTA update that adds to the value of the intrinsic feature of this budget phone.  

5 Multi-Window Support Arrives

Multi-window support has finally reached. Users need to long-press the current apps icon to choose apps for use in that mode. Slide the center divider either way to return to full screen.

6 The Condition Cards

This come into play in the navigation bar and permit intuitive changes to device settings. Airplane mode creates a reminder and users can switch it on or off. Long pressing while notifying from an app provides a chance for controlling those notifications.

7 Customize UI

Another change in UI settings is that users can choose from themes to change icon, color and text schemes.

8 Notifications on Lock Screen

These will see transitions too. Rather than display of two text lines, three will be displayed along with a notification on cards. Adjustment of shortcuts to the lock screen can still be accessed through the settings menu.

9 Setting Menu Tweaked

Verizon explained that sound and notification has been divided into individual categories and USB plus storage settings come under a broad heading of Storage.


All in all, the update provides a lot of changes and makes way for a new, improved LG K8 V with an Android 7.0 update. Users are able to gain a whole lot more when it comes to convenience and agility, making the update one of the best things to happen to this LG budget phone. An update this big may make waves in the market, but going behind the scenes, the hype and buzz is all worth it. 

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